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Tuesday December 01 , 2015

Loss Prevention for Restaurants

Three Loss Prevention Program Benefits:

Cutting LossesCutting losses and increasing profits.

Like most Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) owners, do you find yourself at the end of the month wondering when your profit left the building?  There are lots of ways to increase restaurant profits by using some simple and effective loss prevention techniques.  And, believe it or not, once you’ve learned these proven techniques, you’ll stop wondering how to increase restaurant sales. Once you’ve stopped your losses, an increase in sales will result in a better than average restaurant profit margin.

Keep CustomersKeep customers (and employees) coming back.

Is your reputation an asset or a liability? It doesn’t take but an instant for negative press and much worse, negative word of mouth, to reach your customers in our tightly connected society today.  Reducing restaurant liability and losses will only improve product quality and service, thus ensuring that whatever is said about your restaurant, it will be positive and complimentary.  And remember, a happy employee makes happy customers!

Insurance Claim ReductionInsurance claims prevention and reduction.

The underlying factor driving insurance claims is influenced by the presence or absence of a sound restaurant safety program.  Having programs, policies, procedures, and the structure in place to prevent unsafe situations is a critical element to reducing or even eliminating costly insurance claims.

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