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May 25

Leadership: From Life's Early Lessons

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I watched proudly as my grandson matured his play on the baseball field. Much of it is natural ability, but heavily influenced by the expectation of high standards of his coach.Frequent practices were demanding with fundamental drills on fielding, throwing, hitting, running the bases and perhaps most importantly, how each player contributes to the success of the team.  They practiced the most mundane drills over and over until it became how they played every game.  There was never any yelling at players for errors – only teaching moments after mistakes and miscues.  The expectations of standards for executing fundamentals, playing hard, and hustle were constantly emphasized.  This past summer, all the practices, all the fielding and batting drills, all the coordination of where each player backed up each other on every single play, came to bear fruit.  The team won the national championship for their age group.  Every player made significant contributions to the success of the team.

May 18

Welcome to My New Loss Prevention Blog!

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The concept has been with me for quite some time.  Although I never related discussing, sharing, conversing and commenting on things, particularly those relating to retail and restaurant security, safety, loss prevention and risk management with the written form we now know as blogging.   At times during these “discussions”, I become so impassioned about the subject matter, I tend to inform others how to build the proverbial watch when asked questions about what I did or would do to resolve an issue.


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