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Jul 26

How are we short?

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“What?  What do you mean we are out of product?  Did you check the cooler and stockroom?  How could we be out?  I know I ordered plenty and checked it all in.  What happened to it?”  So goes a mysterious disappearance of a food item.  A negative hit on food cost and of course – profitability.  In effort to track and prevent this type of loss, we start with answering this question:

Jul 18

Who does it hurt really?

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At a big box home center this week my wife and I picked out base cabinets for our laundry room.  We needed two but there was only one in a box on the large shelf.  I was about to ask if there was another cabinet in stock but luckily I found a second one that had been a display model and was marked down 10%.  Yeah for us. 


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