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Mar 29

USB “Flash” Drive Frauds

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The New York Times and Scambusters report that employees of a company found a number of USB drives, commonly known as “flash” or “thumb” drives bearing their company logo scattered around its parking lot.  Curiosity dictated that they plugged them into their computers in their office to find out what was on them.  They found what appeared to by a document that installed malware that stole confidential information from the company’s computer network.

Mar 22

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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The restaurant environment is highly prone to accident and injury, particularly Quick Service and Fast Casual as crew members attend to their tasks, maneuvering around the frenetic kitchen. Boiling water, extremely hot oil, sharp knives and graders, heavy boxes, caustic chemicals, and slippery wet floors all present hazardous conditions. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been developed to protect against injury and have been around the workplace for a very long time. We know that the medieval knights wore suits of armor to protect them from injury. While the iron suits may be a bit clumsy in the restaurant environment, there is protective equipment readily available. In fact, providing employees with protective equipment and making sure they are compliant in using them is a requirement according to OSHA.

Mar 15

Cut Costs by Trimming Fees

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In these trying times, every penny added to the bottom line counts heavily towards profitability. We search in ways to cut costs and still give the customer the experience that will keep them satisfied and coming back. It is one of the reasons loss prevention is so important and yet so over looked. Profit and Loss statements are scrutinized and one very important element that can be a drain on profitability may be overlooked because it becomes so routine – banking fees.

Mar 08

Of mice and men … and pizzerias

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Business ethics, or lack of them, apparently has made its way into the world of pizza in a Philadelphia suburb.   A pizzeria owner had a problem with mice that, for whatever reason, he blamed on two competitors in the neighborhood.   He visited one of his rivals and asked to use the restroom.   After he left, they found footprints on the toilet seat and noticed that the ceiling tiles had been disturbed.  A white bag was found tucked above the tiles.

Mar 02

Do Fake Cameras = Fake Security?

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Last week I wrote about a major burglary at a warehouse that was solved by video footage of a suspect and his vehicle from a fast food drive thru camera.  Cameras are a great method of prevention and crime solving for homeowners as well as various types and sizes of businesses.  The sophistication and capabilities of security cameras are advancing rapidly.  Entire reality television series are based on events and moments captured on video cameras and cell phones.


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