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Oct 31

The art of building a bank

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It has nothing to do with concrete blocks and mortar. Cranes and bulldozers are not involved, and it has no reference to the facility where you make your deposits or take out a loan.  The first time you encounter it, you may think you’re ahead of the game.  What it may all mean is the foundation for a scam to steal hard earned cash from the register.  Building a bank, also known as “padding the register” is part of a theft scheme and you may never know it without a keen sense and knowledge of how it’s done and the skills to do something about it.

Oct 19

Don’t wait ‘til Halloween for ghost hunting

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The assistant manager was in charge of inputting hours worked by employees into the back office system.  She was very diligent in making sure employees were paid accurately and that the employees were punching in and out correctly.  She applied correct discipline to those that forgot to punch in or out.  Her supervisor was proud of her that she took such care in the accuracy and discipline of their payroll.  He was so confident in her competency that he left it all in her hands.

Oct 12

Unusual weapon used in pizza delivery robbery

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According to crime statistics robberies of food delivery drivers occur daily.  When we think about those kinds of robberies, thoughts generally turn to a driver being held up during a late night delivery by a subject or subjects with a gun, the usual weapon of choice. 

Oct 07

What’s the worst that could happen?

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Last Friday, an employee of Long John Silver’s in Jackson, MI opened the back door to take out the trash after closing.  He was confronted by two men wearing bandanas, one with a gun.  A friend of the employee who was waiting in the parking lot for his friend to get off work tried to help.  The employee and his friend were both assaulted.  The suspects then entered the restaurant through the back door and confronted the manager at gunpoint.  They demanded cash and exited through the back door.  The employee and his friend were treated and released from the local hospital.  Police are investigating the incident. 


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