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Sep 30

Delivery driver dilemmas

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The order was placed from an unsavory part of town in Newport, RI.   The eyes of the driver delivering the pizza were sweeping from side to side as he drove down the dark street, his knuckles gripping the wheel a bit tighter than usual.  The roof of his car was adorned with the pizza company’s roof topper.  He knew it made his car stand out.  He was very aware that several deliveries to this particular area resulted in armed robberies, the latest in which the driver was assaulted.  He quickly glanced at the house address, then in the mirror, and again side to side.  The house was just ahead. 

Sep 07

When domestic violence invades the workplace

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In Panama City, Florida a man called a local restaurant and threatened “to drive my truck through the building and kill everyone”, following a domestic dispute with his wife who was employed there.  He made good on his promise smashing through the Waffle House and hitting his wife with his vehicle.  She was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.  He was arrested for attempted murder and felony criminal mischief.  This was just one of the estimated 13,000 acts of violence against women at work each year by their domestic partners.


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