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Jan 30

The Secret Decoder Ring and Loss Prevention

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Over the holidays I watched “A Christmas Story” for the gazillionth time.  One of the scenes in the movie is Ralphie getting his secret decoder ring to unlock the mysteries of the universe.  His ring consisted of all the tools that when utilized would transform his world.  He waits anxiously for the secrets to be revealed.  He would have vast knowledge at his fingertips.  In Ralphie’s case it was a series of letters and numbers – the secret code.  He is thoroughly disappointed when the first message he interprets with his super secret decoder ring is “be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

Jan 16

But I thought it was being done – Inspecting the expected

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We may have too much faith that it cannot happen, or won’t happen or we’re simply naïve.  Perhaps we don’t seek, therefore we don’t find.  Maybe it’s assumptions, perhaps laziness, or even poor work ethic.  It can breed and morph in a culture where accuracy is considered unimportant.   It is commonly known as – pencil whipping, or faking information on documents.


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