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Jun 13

Employee Hotline – Avoid Passing in the No Passing Zone

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Jeremy has been working in the restaurant for a few months, usually after school and weekends.  He’s learned every station in the kitchen and even works as a cashier whenever needed.  Several of his fellow employees are stealing both cash and product from the company on a regular basis.  They cover the shortages by manipulating sales so that the register is never short.  They borrow manager’s keys to the back door and place cases of product by the dumpster where their friends pick it up.  Jeremy pretends that he doesn’t notice and does not associate much with the other employees.  Jeremy is uncomfortable about it and is now looking for another job.  He’s very apprehensive about telling one of the managers because he’s not confident they will handle it well and may identify him as the one who told on them.

Jun 07

It’s counterfeit! Now what do we do? – Part 3

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The training of our employees in detecting counterfeit currency, or the device we use to authenticate currency, just paid off.  A counterfeit bill is detected!  So, what do we do now?  Do we confront the passer?  Refuse to accept it?  Call the police?  What’s the next step?

According to the Public Affairs Office of the Secret Service, $78.7 million in counterfeit currency was passed in the U.S. last year.  The threat to your business coming in contact with a counterfeit bill is high.  Using bill authenticators may be in your loss prevention strategy.   Training your employees on how to detect counterfeit, and what to do when it occurs is an essential element of loss prevention and cash management plans.  Good training will avoid losses and protect your employees, the business, and the Brand.


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