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May 21

Is it real or counterfeit? Part 2 – Detection devices

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Part 1 of “Is it real or counterfeit?” gave practical tips in teaching cashiers how to detect counterfeit currency.  Anti-counterfeit technology has been embedded in US currency.  Tips on detecting counterfeit refer to a few of these features.  The “feel” and “look” of the bill is a great start.  The printing on genuine bills will feel slightly raised and will appear clear and crisp.  The numerals in the bottom right corner will shift colors from black to green or copper to green when tilted back and forth.  Watermarks of the portrait images can be seen from both side of the bill. 

May 10

Is it real or counterfeit? – Practical tips in detecting counterfeit currency

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“Good morning!  Thanks for calling XYZ Company; how may I help you?” 


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