Friday September 04 , 2015

Our History

Throughout our careers we have been committed to learning and developing skills that would lead to becoming productive employees and effective leaders.  We have had the privilege of participating in some of the best training available in our fields. The commitment to learning and growing personally and professionally became a passion to share our experiences and expertise with others. We watched members of our teams stretch, grow, and develop their talent as they applied the principles they learned in areas such as productive communications, partnering with others, building successful teams, and leadership.

In the field of loss prevention we learned how to protect retail and restaurant businesses from the negative effects of crime and losses.  With a combination of comprehensive assessment, effective policies and procedures, and training, the businesses became a more profitable, secure and safer environment.

In 2008 we had the opportunity to turn these passions into two businesses to address the needs of organizations, with the launch of LL Training and Consultant Group, LLC and Franchisee 911, LLC.  In open forum training workshops we discovered that many businesses struggled with basic essentials.  They often lacked business plans and did not outline strategic goals and objectives for their business and employees.  Job expectations, job descriptions, appraising performance and effective policies and procedures were not established.  We added these services to further address and support the needs of our clients.

Many retail locations and restaurants do not have professional representation for controlling losses and limiting exposure to crime.  Franchisee 911, LLC was initiated to provide loss prevention services for those businesses in need of security, safety, risk management and crime prevention services or to reassess or support existing programs.  Implementing comprehensive loss prevention programs for our clients generally involved training, developing policies and procedures and initiating change within the company culture.  In 2010 we combined our resources with the formation of LossBusters as a division of LL Training and Consultant Group, LLC, to build upon the foundation established with Franchisee 911 by offering more comprehensive solution to our clients.   

Our business growth, along with partnerships formed with complimentary service providers, has placed LL Training and Consultant Group and the LossBusters Division in a position where we can offer quality services at reasonable prices to our clients.  Increased profitability and solid ROI for our clients remains our consistent focus.