Wednesday September 02 , 2015

Loss Prevention for Restaurants

Loss Prevention for RestaurantsControlling and preventing losses present a unique challenge in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) environment.  It’s like holding a water filled balloon.  Control it one place and it pops out somewhere else.  If you fail to control it you could easily drop it and it crashes to the ground.  Sound restaurant loss prevention programs concentrate on five key areas to control threats to people and profitability:


Robbery prevention training is a key element in the success of the business.  A robbery and the theft of cash not only affect profitability of the restaurant, but take a serious toll on other areas as well.   Emotional scars inflicted by the threat of violence and death often affect employees for the rest of their lives.   It may negatively affect employee turnover, sales, and the reputation of your brand.   Avoid robberies by strengthening physical and operational security with some simple proven solutions.  Effective training of your staff will increase the return on your investment, grow profitability, and provide a safer and more secure restaurant.


Profitability of the restaurant will be in serious jeopardy if the theft of cash, deposits and food by employees goes undetected or is not addressed.  Easy to incorporate loss control programs for restaurants outline cash management procedures, and address the serious consequences of stealing cash or food.  Thefts in restaurants occur in many ways.  They can all be addressed and prevented with sound loss prevention techniques.


Loss prevention training addresses the various fraud schemes that can affect profitability.  As the use of credit and gift cards gain more prevalence in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), fraud has skyrocketed to over $200 million!   We can teach you how fraud is perpetrated and the actions needed to prevent this serious drain on profitability.  Guard your profits against the fastest growing economic crime affecting the QSR industry today by including it in your loss control program.


Food waste covers a multitude of profit draining categories.  Effective loss control programs account for food waste to minimize the negative impact on profitability.  With the lack of discipline or knowledge, undocumented waste of raw and cooked product, poor cooking techniques, or ineffective inventory turns and control, can individually be a serious drain on profits.  Combined, they can be devastating to the financial health of the business.  Control the hidden costs of waste before the losses become insurmountable.


Maintaining a safe and accident free environment is a key component in your loss prevention program. Frequent accidents and high costs of injuries raise your premiums and drain restaurant profitability.  Injured employees may be out on worker’s comp, which can affect the performance and productivity of the entire restaurant.  Customers hurt on the premises may sue.  Loss control training also includes the proper handling of food, cleaning and maintenance of floors and safe ways to lift, cut, filter oil, and how to provide a safer environment.

These five elements of an effective loss prevention program address the challenges of making your restaurant a safer and more secure environment for your employees and customers.  Effective training addresses the threats of crime, the drain of profits, the sluggishness of mediocrity, and the proper execution of your operations.

Implement and maintain the techniques of a well constructed, comprehensive loss control program.  Effectively controlling losses will provide more opportunity to focus on increasing the productivity and performance of your people, provide outstanding service to your customers and realize the full potential of the investment in your restaurant.

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