Saturday September 05 , 2015

The Why of Restaurant Robbery

Restaurant RobberiesThe young manager’s whole body trembles.  Her fingers stiffen as she fumbles with the dial on the safe.  Her mind is fogged by a thousand thoughts.  She feels the cold hard steel of the handgun pressed against the side of her neck.  “Open the safe now, or I’ll blow your brains all over this office,” he roars. She hears the muffled sobs of her crew lying on the floor of the kitchen, corralled by the other masked gunman.  She believes him.  She saw the look of anger, hate, and desperation in his eyes.

What is her fate? Her thoughts turn to her baby and husband?  What will their lives be like without her?  The safe door swings open.  He pushes around her and fills the bag with cash.  She smells his nervous sweat.   Emotions on both sides are raw.  The tension is wound tight.  The interplay is extremely brittle.   What happens next?  How does it end?

Consequences of Robbery

The sheer terror and anxiety of the victims, not knowing their fate as seconds tick away during an armed robbery haunt many for the rest of their lives.   The business may suffer serious consequences from employee turnover, a disruption of performance and productivity, and the loss of trust from the public.

Why Robberies Occur

A restaurant robbery occurs when the perpetrator is not bound by morality and the reward is perceived to be greater than the risk of being caught.  Committing a robbery is risky behavior because it is commonly known that the act of robbery is a serious felony and to be caught and convicted carries automatic jail time.  The robber, whose judgment is often clouded by drugs, alcohol or desperation, may consider your restaurant to be an “easy mark”.  Your business and your people may become victims of an avoidable tragic event.

Avoiding Robbery

How do you avoid robberies when you handle cash, operate late at night and human predators are hunting for an advantage?  Preventing robberies is enhanced by a well planned robbery prevention program.  Well trained employees understand that adherence to crime prevention policies and procedures will keep them safer and more secure.  They will know what to do during a robbery to avoid making tragic mistakes.

Physical Protection

Make your site less attractive to rob by showing that security is top of mind.  Build the barriers to robbery that expresses to the public, “we think about security here”, and discourages a robber from targeting your restaurant.  The physical security of the facility can be strengthened by coordinating security equipment with crime prevention and operational procedures.

Get your robbery prevention program assessed today!  Find out where you are vulnerable. Learn how to build your barriers against the predators that prey on weakness.  Provide the strength that comes from specialized training, equipment and procedures.  Your business and the lives of your employees and customers depend on it!

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