Friday August 28 , 2015

Background Screens

Pre-Employment Background Screen

Many businesses hire employees based on a “gut feel” or because the interviewer really liked the applicant’s personality.  Others are hired because they are related to someone the person doing the hiring knows and likes.  

Do you know who is working for you?  What do you know about them, other than what they have told you or want you to know?  Business operations for many companies have been seriously disrupted and profitability severely damaged by employees that were not properly screened for criminal behavior in their past that reoccurred after they got on the payroll.  These people are convicted felons or thugs, who rob, steal, distribute drugs, set fires, rape, molest children, assault, and even kill.  They most likely would not have been hired had these problems and behavior been known to the prospective employer.   

Think how your business might be negatively affected if a newly hired employee was never screened and their criminal past was so heinous that there was a public outcry directed at you or your company.   Brand reputations have been trashed by negative publicity about criminal behavior occurring on the premises.  When the public loses trust in you, they don’t come back.  You can avoid this.  Here’s how …

When a background check, also known as pre-employment screening, is mentioned most think of a criminal history check.  But it is much more than that.  Pre-employment background checks screen potential employees on whether they can perform the job required of them and are unlikely to show conduct or behavior that could do harm to the company, its employees, or customers.  A background screen can also assure the potential employee can do what they claim through education and employment verification.  

A professional background check program brings great value and return on investment many times over by:
  • Basing Hiring Decision on Facts – Avoid the “good story teller”
  • Increasing Morale – Employees know you care
  • Decreasing Turnover – Employees want to work for you
  • Providing a Safer Environment – Screen out “trouble”
  • Reducing the Risk of Legal Liabilities – Protect your employees and customers
  • Protecting Your Brand – No embarrassment (or worse) of criminal past becoming public knowledge

Did You Know?            (Source: SHRM)
51% of all applications contain inaccurate information; previous employers, or reasons for leaving
40% of all resumes contain deliberate falsehoods such as degree information and achievements
2.3% of businesses experience some form of co-worker violence

Receive a 10% discount on professional background check services through our resource, provides you with a menu of options to check the applicant for:

Criminal Convictions Credit Issues
Employment and Education Verification       
Terrorist Activity
Sexual Offender Restrictions Civil Judgments

For the business owner it also fosters the peace of mind that the right person, with the right attributes was hired into the right company.

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