Wednesday September 02 , 2015

Free Loss Prevention Analysis

Risk Assessment Process

FREE Loss Prevention AssessmentQuick Service Restaurants have many areas of vulnerability that if left unaddressed the restaurant can dramatically lose profits and be exposed to crime and violence.  High standards of performance for cash and food management may not be established nor communicated to the staff.  Strong checks and balances may be inconsistent.  Ongoing robbery prevention training may be nonexistent.  Injured employees may result in high medical costs that drive up the cost of insurance premiums.  Safe work practices and conditions may not be part of the loss prevention training and work culture in the restaurant.  Managers and supervisors may be na├»ve to the schemes of employee theft.

A loss prevention professional can provide a quality security and risk analysis to identify these vulnerable areas in the restaurant.  A comprehensive loss control program can then be implemented to improve the areas that drain profitability and decrease exposure of the employees and customers to crime.

How do your loss prevention efforts stack up against the best practices in the industry?  Are you doing all you can to protect your employees, boost your profits, and reduce accidents?  Try out one of our FREE quizzes, or a complete risk assessment to find out where your vulnerabilities are.

Security Risk Assessment Template

Take a few minutes to complete a free loss prevention analysis that will pinpoint vulnerability using a proven business risk assessment template.  It may help you identify where your restaurant may be exposed to losing profits and violent crime.  You have a lot invested in your business.  Implement the best practices that will protect that investment and your people with one of the best food service security programs available.